Could You Use a Mercedes-Benz Van for the Driving You Do Near Hammond, LA?

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Most drivers looking for a cargo or passenger van near Slidell may not immediately turn to a luxury brand like Mercedes-Benz. Like most, you may be under the impression that luxury vehicle manufacturers only make sporty sedans and stylish SUVs. You may have thought tougher brands like Ford and Ram were responsible for crafting vans. However, if you live in Covington, LA, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that your go-to Mercedes-Benz dealer has more than one capable van in its lineup. These vans come in passenger and cargo styling so that whether you plan to use it for hauling material or people – both uses have coverage.

What About Luxury Vans Devoted to Carrying or Towing Cargo?

Those in Ponchatoula will find value in a Mercedes-Benz cargo van because of the strong craftsmanship that supports 5,000-pound towing and various payload capabilities based on cargo capacity. Since this style of van prioritizes transporting cargo over passengers, they seat only a maximum of two or three people.

  • Metris Worker Cargo Van
  • Metris Cargo Van
  • Sprinter Worker Cargo Van
  • Sprinter Cargo Van

What Passengers Vans Belong to the Mercedes-Benz Lineup?

If you’re looking for a van for transporting your passengers, these three Mercedes-Benz passenger vans may have the number of rows and seats that you’re picturing. From seating layouts accommodating seven up to twelve passengers, everyone will have the safety of their own seat. You can also take advantage of each van’s cargo capacity.

  • Metris Worker Passenger Van
  • Metris Passenger Van
  • Sprinter Passenger Van

Mercedes-Benz of Covington is very proud of the luxury van inventory they have for Louisiana customers to explore online or when they arrive at our dealership on Westshore Drive. We have state-of-the-art resources for finding and securing a professional Mercedes-Benz passenger or cargo van to take on all the equipment and passengers you see during your daily trips in Mandeville. If you have a question regarding a van’s advanced safety or how much one of the cargo vans can carry, one of our Mercedes-Benz of Covington staff can help you get an answer. Check out the Mercedes-Benz Metris and Sprinter lineups today.

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